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Information about our Basset Hounds

Our bassets are family here at Northstar.

They are born and raised in our home, not in a kennel. Our adult bassets are full time house dogs with access to our huge, fenced back yard. They spend their days playing in kiddie pools and chasing each other around the yard, then snoozing in the sunshine! Our puppies are all spoiled from the moment of their birth on, and we will be very picky about the homes they join! We want our babies in families, not kennels or breeding only homes. Expect lots of questions from me. Expect to be stalked on Facebook. Expect to have at least one phone interview before we accept any deposits or even consider reserving one of our babies for you. Questions from prospective families are always welcomed and preferred!

Each and every one of our Bassets have all been genetically tested for the following :

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (Basset Hound Type) Aliases: POAG
Primary open angle Glaucoma (Basset hound type) is an inherited condition of the eye affecting Basset hounds. Affected dogs present with excessive eye pressure resulting in enlargement of the eye and pain that is poorly responsive to treatment. Signs of pain in the eye include excessive blinking, tearing and redness. If left untreated, the increased pressure leads to bulging eyes, optic nerve damage and the gradual loss of vision.

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disease, X -Linked (Basset Hound Type)
Aliases: XSCID
X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (basset hound type) is an inherited disease affecting basset hounds. Affected dogs are unable to produce a protein important for proper immune function, predisposing them to severe recurrent or chronic bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Affected dogs often present with symptoms of disease around 6 to 8 weeks of age including failure to thrive, poor growth, weight loss, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting and lack of palpable lymph nodes. Affected dogs may also present with active respiratory, skin, eye or ear infections. Affected dogs die within 4 months of age.

Thrombopathia (Basset Hound Type)
Thrombopathia (basset hound type) is an inherited bleeding disorder affecting basset hounds. Affected dogs have abnormal platelet function. Platelets are blood cells that are responsible for the normal clotting of blood. In thrombopathia (basset hound type), platelets are unable to stick properly to one another and therefore cannot clot normally. The risk for excessive and spontaneous bleeding can range from mild to severe. The most common symptoms in affected dogs are recurrent nose bleeds and excessive bleeding of the gums when a dog sheds its teeth or chews on hard objects. Affected dogs also bruise easily and get blood filled masses (hematomas) under their skin especially at the tips of the ears. They may have internal bleeding and bloody or dark tarry feces. Dogs may show signs of lameness or stiffness if bleeding in the joints is present. Although dogs with this disorder are at risk for spontaneous Hemorrhage and internal bleeding, affected dogs may not be identified until a surgery is performed or trauma occurs at which time excessive bleeding is noted. Veterinarians performing surgery on known affected dogs should have ready access to blood banked for transfusions. Dogs can have a normal lifespan with this condition although they are susceptible to life-threatening bleeding with an accidental injury or any surgical procedure.

Each and EVERY ONE of our puppies are examined by our licensed Veterinarian before they leave our home. A health certificate is issued in your name by our vet. Puppies are sent home with a full puppy pack of feeding and care information, AKC registration application, Two year genetic health guarantee, shot records, vet health certificate, copies of parents genetic testing, and copies of parents pedigrees. We also send our babies with a full puppy pack, which includes blanket and toy that smell like home and mom, leash and collar, toys, potty bags, water bowl, potty pads, sample of the kibble the babies are used to eating (Pro Pac Performance puppy food) and lots of other goodies to get them started right.

Our babies have two series of vaccinations before they leave our care (Duramune Max 5 Boosters) and four dewormings. They are started on Heartguard and Flea and Tick prevention as well.

Our babies will be ready to leave us between 8 and 10 weeks of age. We do not offer shipping but are willing to meet at our closest airport for families wanting to fly in and fly home with their baby on their lap. Our closest airport is Des Moines Iowa (DSM)


We accept Paypal for deposits. We do not at any time accept personal checks of any kind.

We prefer to place babies on Limited AKC registration to pet only homes. We are willing to discuss FULL AKC to like minded families. Expect a million questions. Have your vet references ready. Prepare to show us photos of your home, your bassets, and your pedigrees. Yup, it’s invasive and you can find breeders out there that will ask no questions, and just take your money and ship you a puppy. If that’s the kind of breeder you want to work with, I understand and wish you and any puppy you bring into your home the absolute best. I’m happy to help any way I can with questions down the road when you can’t reach the breeder with your concerns.

Feeding and Care Information

We send a full packet of information about feeding and care with every baby. Here are copies of them to read over in advance! 
We feed Propac Performance or Ultimate Puppy Food. You can find it at or or on Amazon.
They ate what?
Training Tips
Food Switch
Vet Checkup
Bloat Prevention
What we are eating
Growing Pains
What is bloat?
Traveling with bassets
Eye Care
Baby book assembly
My Feeding Schedule
Puppy Pack
Ear Care
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